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Helpful Online Websites

LRPOA Facebook Page

Click here to see the new LRPOA Facebook page. This is just one more place for LRPOA members to keep current on what is happening in our organization and in the surrounding area. If you LIKE our Facebook page and your Facebook notifications are turned on, you will see each and every post on your notifications page.  

NOTE: You must have a Facebook account to access the page.  

La Valle Facebook Page

Our Town-La Valle  is a web-based social network group thru Facebook that gives you information on what's going on in La Valle.  If you are on Facebook, you can search "La Valle, Wisconsin - Our Town"  and join the group.

Nextdoor Lake Redstone

This is a private social network for Lake Redstone residents.  Click here to sign up.  With this network, anyone can send a message to Nextdoor Lake Redstone members.  Please consider joining this group.  If you have trouble getting connected, please contact their helpful support staff.

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