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50th Anniversary of Lake Redstone Celebration Information

What:  A celebration of 50 years since water first went thru the spillway in the dam at Lake Redstone.  Actual date was June 13, 1966.  

When:  Saturday, June 11th 2016

Where:  To be held at Lake Redstone Park (at the south end of Lake Redstone).  

Hosted by: A collaboration between citizen volunteers (mostly from the Lake Redstone Property Owners Association) and four governmental bodies (Sauk County, Reedsburg, Town of La Valle and Wis. DNR).  Open to the public. 

Parking will be almost non-existent in the park and there is always no parking along Douglas Road.  Parking will be available at the La Valle Town Hall with busses running regularly to the park.  Drop off and pick up at the park will be on West Redstone Drive by the Pavilion.  The parking lot will be filled with tents and reserved parking areas for handicapped people, volunteers, dignitaries, motorcycles and the emergency vehicles.  

Timeline of Events

Cememony: 1 - 1:30pm

Invitations accepted by Ike Isaacson (Builder of Lake Redstone), State Senator and Wisconsin State Representative Ed Brooks.  Additional State, Sauk County, Reedsburg, and La Valle government officials will be part of the ceremony.  

Water Show by the USA Waterski Show Team: 1:30 - 2:30pm

The famous USA Waterski Show team has agreed to integrate former and current Lake Redstone people in to the show.  “Old Timers” from the Lake Redstone Waterski Clubs of the ‘70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are encouraged to participate as well as current “hot shots”  (e.g. bare footers but no wake boarding).

The BEST VIEWING OF THE SHOW WILL BE FROM THE DAM AND BEACH since most of the show will be directly in front of the dam.  Limited boat parking will be available around the north, east, and west perimeter of the bay only and will probably fill up early.  Property owners in the bay will have access to their docks.  Fox Court boat landing and the narrows will be open.  But be aware that if you plan to watch by boat there is a chance the parking spots will be filled and therefore you may miss the show.    

Manned Displays: 2:30 - 6pm

•    What’s Under the Surface of Lake Redstone!?  Pictures and locations of bridges, stop sign, silo, brush piles, etc. as well as information about fishing
•    Protecting Lake Redstone- Past, Present, and Future
•    Natural History of the Lake- Native American artifacts and geology
•    Building and Selling Lake Redstone

Educational Tours of the Dam and Spillway: 2:30 - 4pm (appx)

Educational Tours of the Dam and Spillway by Sauk County expert

Kids Activities: 2:30 - 4pm

Join us for some kid friendly fun.

Concessions: 2:30 - 6pm

Concessions by the Sauk County Ridge Runner ATV Club2

Swing Crew: 3 - 6pm

SWING CREW!  Family-friendly music from this very popular Wis. Dells band.

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